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Take the frustration out of online lingerie shopping and find the perfect Adina Reay lingerie for you.

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Adina Reay Virtual lingerie fitting by Sarah Connelly

It should be easy to shop online for beautiful lingerie that fits properly. But it feels so complicated when…

…you’re confused by websites overflowing with styles.

…you can’t imagine how anything will look on you and it’s a turn-off.

…you get frustrated not knowing how the lingerie fits in real life.

…you’ve wasted money on bras that don’t fit but you haven’t sent back.

At a Virtual Fitting & Styling appointment I’ll help you understand your bra size, take the stress out of lingerie shopping online and save you time & money.


• a one-to-one virtual bra fitting to accurately work out what size will fit you best. Taking the guess work out of ordering lingerie from Adina Reay.

• professional fitting & styling advice to help you choose the most flattering styles. Ensuring the best shape & support for your body.

• personalised tips to help you know what to look out for when shopping for lingerie at Save time and cut straight to the shapes & styles that’ll suit you.

• a guided virtual personal shopping session* where you’ll view hand-picked and highly recommended styles with confidence everything you order will look good and feel great.

• a follow-up virtual fitting appointment to confirm perfect fit and whether you should keep or swap an item for another size or style.

*with selected services.
Book a Virtual Fitting & Styling Appointment
Virtual Bra Fitting demonstration - expert bra fitter Sarah Connelly

I know how frustrating lingerie shopping online is when nothing you order feels like it fits properly.

woman wearing black embroidered Adina Reay Vivien bra

“Starting with a thorough consultation I explained to Sarah my biggest issues with bras…support, my band slipping, always ending up with a bra that fits in the band but is too small in the cup, or one that’s right in the cup but slips up. You know, classic big-boob problems!

Sarah made the possibly awkward experience fun and easy, like talking to a friend. Her [Virtual Bra Fitting is] a perfect solution.”

Mrs B

How it works

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Book a Virtual Fitting & Styling appointment.
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Get expert fitting advice to help you choose the perfect Adina Reay lingerie.
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Never waste money or get stressed about lingerie shopping online again.

“Getting to the shops is difficult and ordering mountains of extra sizes online and guessing which ones fit is frustrating and expensive so I booked a Virtual Bra Fitting with Sarah to ask her what she’d recommend.

Sarah took a quick look at the bra I was wearing and was able to tell me right away what size to try. I felt like I was being listened to and the suggestions she gave me were beyond what I’d get in a shop.

Sarah’s service is much more prescriptive and I’m really happy with my whole virtual fitting experience. Highly recommended!”

Mrs S

Bigger bust woman wearing blue Adina Reay bra

As a lingerie fitting & styling expert I know women with a bigger bust want beautiful lingerie that feels sexy AND supportive.

The problem is lingerie shopping online is a lottery when you order every bra in three sizes and still none of them look right.

I know exactly how soul destroying it is scrolling through websites and shelling out for lingerie that looks good on screen but feels totally different in real life.

And no woman should have to gamble on finding great fitting, gorgeous lingerie.

That’s why, with 15 years of in-person bra fitting experience and a deep knowledge of Adina Reay lingerie, I’m here to give you expert advice.

At a one-to-one Virtual Fitting & Styling appointment, I’ll help you work out what size will fit you best, give professional advice to help you choose the most flattering styles, and share tips on how to ensure the best shape & support for your body with Adina Reay lingerie.

Book a Virtual Fitting & Styling Appointment now, so you can stop guessing what’ll suit you or how it’ll fit, and start shopping for your perfect Adina Reay lingerie with confidence.

Book a Virtual Fitting & Styling Appointment
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Choose your VIRTUAL FITTING & STYLING experience…

Virtual Bra Fitting


  • a one-to-one virtual bra fitting appointment
  • professional fitting & styling advice
  • personalised size, shape & style tips
  • 15% off your purchase at

Virtual Lingerie Fitting & Styling, with Personal Shopping


  • a one-to-one virtual bra fitting appointment
  • professional lingerie fitting & styling advice
  • personalised size, shape & style tips
  • guided virtual personal shopping
  • 25% off your purchase at
  • a complimentary follow-up virtual fitting & styling appointment (upto 3 bras).

Follow-up Virtual Bra Fitting (upto 3 bras)


  • a one-to-one virtual bra fitting appointment
  • professional fitting guidance for up to 3 bras (perfect to check through newly bought bras)
  • recommended adjustments
  • expert advice to help you know whether to keep or swap a new purchase.

Frequently asked questions...

What bra should I wear for my fitting?

Wear your favourite or most comfortable bra, or if you’re returning for a follow-up fitting appointment and want to know whether you should keep or swap an Adina Reay purchase for another size or style – wear that.

Do I need to know what size I'm wearing?

It’s helpful to know the size of the bra I’ll be checking for you. I can fit by sight but please remember the translation of size perception differs in person versus on-screen.

How specific can you be without measuring me?

Fitting by eye is a skill well-honed with many years of experience. As this is a virtual service gathering details from you before and during your appointment will ensure the advice given is as accurate as possible, though please know Virtual Bra Fitting is not a substitute for in-person fitting.

Will I have to undress for a Virtual Bra Fitting?

You are not required to be braless on camera at any time, though to give you the very best advice I will ask to see you in your bra. Tips to help you prepare will be delivered direct to your inbox on completion of your booking.

What happens at a Virtual Personal Shopping Session?

After working out what size will fit you best, I’ll guide you through the Adina Reay website to answer all your will-it-work-for-me questions, give you expert advice on how garments really fit, show you live samples, and help you choose the correct sizes in the most flattering styles to add to your cart.

What is a Follow-up Fitting?

Once your Adina Reay lingerie order has arrived, get professional fitting guidance on all of your purchases to confirm perfect fit. At a one-to-one virtual appointment I’ll check the fit of up to 3 bras, talk you through any adjustments needed to improve shape and support, and advise whether you should keep or swap an item.


If you have more than three bras you’d like me to check simply book consecutive appointments or call me on 07861 026 600 to make arrangements.

Does the service cost include lingerie?

Even better! Depending on which service you chose you’ll get up to 25% off your order at (See above for details). You’ll receive an email containing your personal voucher code immediately after your Virtual Fitting & Styling appointment. Follow the on-screen instructions at the time of payment to redeem your discount.

What sizes do you cater to?

Adina Reay specialises in size 28-38, and DD to G cup. Please don’t hesitate to call me on 07861 026 600 should you need some extra guidance.
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