If you’ve hunted high & low on the high street for exquisite lingerie or scrolled through online stores in search of the perfect bra and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then my lingerie fitting & styling services were made for you.


I know that so many women find lingerie shopping frustrating, which is why my one-to-one fitting & styling services will find you lingerie that fits, flatter & makes you feel fantastic.


Whenever I talk with women about lingerie shopping they tell me about the time they made an ‘emergency’ underwear purchase for a special occasion then spent the evening feeling awkward and self-conscious.

Or they say they bought what they believed was the perfect bra in all the colours – only to wear them once then think ‘I shouldn’t have bought these they don’t feel right’.

But wasting more money buying more lingerie that looks okay in the shop but makes you feel uncomfortable when you wear it isn’t the solution.


So, imagine how easy and exciting lingerie shopping could be if you had an expert on hand who understands your shape and how you want to feel, and can replenish your lingerie drawer with all the practical, pretty & provocative pieces you need in a single appointment.

I can do that for YOU.

Click here to Choose your Service now, so you can stop feeling awkward and start wearing lingerie that’s such a pleasure to wear you never want to take it off.

I can’t wait to meet you in the fitting room!

– Sarah C


PS. If the only things you get from a professional fitting & styling appointment with me are an instant improvement to your comfort and sky-rocketing confidence, it’ll be worth it.