Fleur of England: Wallflower Silk Balcony Bra, Brief, Thong & Suspender and Body

The Wallflower collections features Fleur of England’s signature sheer Italian tulle as a barely there base. Elegant, ultra flat embroidery covers what the tulle doesn’t and sits smoothly… should you decide wearing clothes is a must.

With its arresting décolleté and dare-to-bare design (showing just enough, in just the right places) the balcony bra makes for an elegant but easy-to-wear set every woman should have for special occasions (…Like Tuesdays.)

Or, if you’re in the mood to make a statement try the dramatic one-piece body: Ruby red silk panels, a plunging neckline and an elegantly low back with silk covered buttons that flow right over the bottom.


Balcony Bra (B-F cup) £111  |  Ouvert Brief £100  |  Thong £89  |  Suspender £99  | Body £350 

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