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Igniting inspiration and empowering cool women with brilliant ambition to be, do, and have exactly what they want. In business. In life. In lingerie.

Strategy. Style. Success

Begin your Reinvention

Are you fantasising about all the things you want to achieve and how incredible realising your vision will feel; but just can’t see how it’s ever going to happen? Let’s talk.

As a smart woman with aspirations for days, there’s no way you should be settling for anything less than brilliance.

When you know deep-down you’re the kind of woman who aspires to be more…, do more…, have more…, I’m here to transform your thoughts into actions, and your dreams into reality, by crafting bespoke strategies, applying personalised insights, and sharing decades of experience to unlock your true potential.

With three career pivots, two decades of delivering unique client experiences in luxurious stores, a multi-award-winning lingerie boutique, a quantum-leap-tour, and enough motivation to power a rocket to Mars; my mission is to spark the inspiration that sets real transformation in motion* and empower women to express their individuality. (In the fitting room, in the boardroom, and beyond.)
Want to elevate your business to the next level? I’ve got the road-map to make that happen.
Want to reinvigorate life and align reality with your greatest vision? I’ll help you realise your wildest dreams with ease.
Want to feel elegant, exciting, confident, and sexy in show-stopping lingerie? I’ll source a selection of highly recommended styles that are a pleasure to wear.
As your personal reinventress I’ll empower you to get clear on what’s most important, expand your vision beyond what you ever believed was possible, and guide you to success step-by-step.
Less leaving it to chance. More progress, success, and sexiness!
*And you were wondering how a lingerie expert paired personal styling with business strategy! 😉
Begin your Reinvention

You're like the Scottish Mary Portas!


Ready to turn your visions into reality? Choose where to begin your reinvention…


Bespoke business strategy consulting for fashion & lifestyle boutiques.


More details and booking opening soon.


One-to-one lingerie fitting & styling for lingerie that makes you feel fantastic!

I’m Sarah, and I’m here to bring your greatest visions to life: in business, in life, and in lingerie.
I’m a multi-award-winning boutique owner turned retail reinvention specialist obsessed with disco, Dalmatians and street-art.
Treading an unconventional career path from Project Manager to boutique owner, to Personal Lingerie & Swimwear Stylist, to Business Strategy Consultant, to Personal Mentor, and all ‘round wing-woman; I’ve discovered that guiding cool people (just like you) through unique experiences that expand your vision beyond what you ever believed was possible and guiding you to success step-by-step is pure joy.
Whether that’s elevating your business, bringing a personal dream to life, or reinvigorating your lingerie drawer to feel more elegant, exciting, and sexy.
Sarah Connelly receiving Drapers Independent Award 2017
Sarah Connelly at Odyssey Boutique
With an ability to make overcoming any challenge feel effortless (classic Taurus – intuitive and methodical); a track record for staying true to the vision and bringing the boldest dreams to life (a highly successful luxury boutique; solo-trips to Italy, Ibiza, LA, a five-month quantum-leap tour of Australia…); and a courageous left-of-mid-life career-pivot, I know it’s the daily commitment to growth, not just giant leaps, that lead to real transformation.
You can be more…, do more…, have more…
And I’m here to transform your thoughts into actions, and your dreams into reality.
Known for creating extraordinary experiences and effortlessly turning my client’s visions into reality, I’ll ignite the spark of inspiration, empower you to unlock your potential, and set transformation in motion so you can be exactly who you want to be. 
Sarah Connelly Reinvention Specialist Business strategist and lingerie fitter standing in front of Melbourne street art

I’ve known Sarah for over a decade since she ran her hugely successful, award-winning retail business, bringing innovation and a new approach to customer attention. ...Working with well established & respected brands she's always displayed terrific business acumen, bringing her unique talents to the service of her customers and the brands she worked with, helping them to grow their profiles. She always creates new opportunities in a competitive marketplace and would be a highly desirable business mentor or partner. I admire her determination and unique slant on the business.


Quite simply there is no-one doing what Sarah does - describing herself as a lingerie stylist doesn’t do her justice. She has extensive experience of the lingerie and luxury market, a deep knowledge of her products and a sincere appreciation of women’s psychology in the fitting room, evidenced by the many many long-term relationships she's developed with her clients. Her personal shopping experience is second-to-none. A very special retail expert.


Sarah provides such excellent service. She just finds me the most perfect set every time and I feel like a million dollars. She really does go beyond.


Having such a good road-map helped me survive and grow, and has enabled me to continually invest in myself with training and buy into new lines to keep my customers engaged. I can’t think of a better blessing for a start-up business than having you by their side.


So, where do you want to begin your reinvention?

Elevate my business to the next level.
Help me bring my wildest dreams to life.
I want to feel fantastic in show-stopping lingerie!
Beyond helping cool people and boutique brands bring their visions to life I’m a passionate explorer of cities, snooper of street-art, and photo-snapper of weathered walls and minor details. I also…
…completed a catch at trapeze school in New York City. 🫴🏼
…won multiple awards for my original brick & mortar boutique, Odyssey, including ‘Niche Retailer’ and ‘Concept Shop’, and was named one of the ‘Best Boutiques in Europe’ too. 🏆
…had my expert commentary featured in Boutique Magazine, Company, Daily Mail, Linie International, and Postcards from Midlife (A Times Podcast). 💫
…developed virtual experiences so I could work with and support clients wherever we are in the world: Los Angeles, Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand! 🌍
…embarked on a solo ‘quantum-leap’ tour of Australia where accepting every invitation out of pure curiosity landed me in the chic apartment of a major fashion editor enjoying drinks and passionately discussing our shared obsession for retail theatre and authentic personalised service. 🥂
…love dance music and met Faithless front-man and icon, Maxi Jazz, backstage at T in the Park. 🤩
…live by the mantras: ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’ and ‘Never miss a chance to dance’. 💃🏼
Drapers Independents Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Niche Fashion Retailer 2017
Stars Underlines Best Shop Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Concept Shop 2016
UK Lingerie Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Independent Retailer of the Year (North) 2016