One-to-one fitting & styling for lingerie that fits, flatters & makes you feel fantastic!

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Every woman deserves lingerie that makes her feel confident and comfortable. But…

…it’s disappointing having to settle for ‘practical’ underwear when you actually want something special,

…you feel self-conscious when the styles you like don’t come in your size,

…you’re tired of taking chances on sets you wear once then think ‘I shouldn’t have bought this, it doesn’t feel right’.

At a one-to-one fitting & styling appointment I’ll find you lingerie that fits, flatters & makes you feel fantastic.


• expert bra fitting advice to accurately work out what size fits you best. Instantly improving your comfort.

• a professional in-person or virtual lingerie fitting & styling appointment to expertly check each garment and guarantee only the best fitting and most flattering styles go home with you.

• personalised style tips. Discover ways to wear lingerie you never dreamed would work as you experiment with flattering shapes that skyrocket your confidence.

• access to the members-only* group. Skip the queue and get VIP access to the lingerie you love in the private group and virtual shop. (*By invitation with selected services.)

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I know how awkward lingerie shopping feels when nothing you try feels right.

Sarah Connelly Lingerie shop Edinburgh Glasgow: woman wearing Katherine Hamilton Navy Blue bra and panty set with suspender garter belt

“I wanted something special for a weekend away and knew the typical stores wouldn’t cut it this time. Sarah’s service certainly wasn’t the ‘standard’ measuring-tape type affair – it was a tailored experience. Just for me.


She recommended a selection of bra sets and encouraged me to see what the styles did for my body. I felt genuine excitement and joy at finding amazing lingerie that not only fits and looks good – but makes me feel fully supported, pretty and confident.


Now, with my new sets, I have an amazing start to every day and a secret little boost for me.”


Ms O

Choose YOUR service…


A one-to-one lingerie fitting & styling service to find you practical, pretty and provocative lingerie that’s such a pleasure to wear you never want to take it off.


Understand your size and take the stress out of bra shopping.


Take the frustration out of online lingerie shopping and find the perfect Adina Reay lingerie for you.


Take the confusion out of ordering lingerie online and choose the perfect Simone Perele lingerie with confidence.


More details and booking opening soon.


More details and booking opening soon.


More details and booking opening soon.


You choose the value. Let your other half choose the lingerie.

Not sure which service to choose? Reach me on 07861 026 600 for some extra guidance.

“Basically, I was fed up with my boring bras so decided to book in with Sarah. I was delighted with the personal service and having someone who could say knowledgably ‘Yes! That bra is THE ONE!’


I came away with a bag full of beautiful lingerie that fits perfectly and make me feel great!”


Ms C

Woman in properly fitting bra - featuring Fantasie Bronte, Black

How it works

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Secure a spot to begin your in-person or virtual lingerie fitting & styling experience using easy online booking.
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Guarantee only the best fitting and most flattering styles go home with you.
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Start wearing lingerie that fits, flatters and makes you feel fantastic!
Not sure which service to choose? Reach me on 07861 026 600 for some extra guidance.
Woman looking confident wearing black sheer balcony bra

“I’ve had bra fittings before but was generally disappointed with the big stores – and to celebrate my new body after months of boot-camp I desired a more personalised experience. One that wouldn’t serve up a stereo-typical selection.


I booked a fitting with Sarah and LOVED the entire process. It wasn’t just interesting to try so many different styles and colours to see which worked for me – but ALL the bras were gorgeous!!


The sets I chose weren’t my vision of ‘every-day-underwear’ but they’re flawless under my clothes and make me feel SO much more confident and put together. Thank you so much for helping me.”


Ms S

As a personal lingerie fitting & styling expert I know women want to feel sexy, sophisticated, confident and comfortable. But wearing the wrong lingerie only makes you feel awkward.

No woman should settle for underwear that feels uncomfortable or uninspiring, but I do understand how confusing and soul-destroying lingerie shopping can be too.

That’s why I created & honed my own signature services to add elegance, sass and a sweet-kick-in-the-pants to how women think about, shop for and feel in lingerie.

Choose your service and secure a spot to begin your lingerie fitting & styling experience using the easy online booking system.

Then at an in-person or virtual appointment we’ll talk through your lingerie wish-list, help you work out which sizes and styles suit you best, and guide you expertly through every garment you try to guarantee only pieces that fit perfectly go home with you.

Choose your Service now, so you can stop feeling awkward and start wearing lingerie that fits, flatters & makes you feel fantastic!

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