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Guiding brick & mortar business to success.


So you’ve got a business you totally believe in but achieving your goals and bringing your vision to life feels like a fantasy? I can help.

When you believe your business deserves better…better customers, better sales, better success… I’m here to help you figure out how, map out manageable steps to get you there, and share front-line experience and expert advice to help you bring even your most ambitious business dreams to life.

Because achieving everything you’re capable of – with cool, calm, confidence – is so damn satisfying!

As a power-house retail leader with 17+ years in client facing and leadership roles in the luxury goods sector, including 10+ years spearheading my own business, I’m on a mission to guide brick & mortar fashion & lifestyle boutiques (like yours!) to success.

I’m here to help you discover the best path toward your goals, and guarantee dreams & visions don’t deteriorate into plain old pipe-dreams.

Pairing your most fantastic future plans, with my big-picture/fine-detail thinking and ability to map that into an easy-to-follow strategic action plan, we’ll be an unstoppable force for getting your concept off the ground.

From reinventing your proposition, to creating unique brand experiences, new initiatives for increasing sales, and up-levelling customer loyalty.

As your wing-woman I’ll empower you to prioritise projects, make more progress in less time, and turn your fashion & lifestyle business into the trail-blazer you knew it would be.

No more endless to-do-lists. Just a simple plan and inspiring partnership to elevate your business to the next level.


I know how frustrating it is to be spinning your business wheels and getting nowhere fast. Don’t leave your success to chance.

You helped me set up a solid structure and before I knew it I was operating a profitable business! Having such a good road-map helped me grow, enabled me to invest in myself with training, and buy into new lines to keep my customers engaged. I can’t think of a better blessing for a start-up business than having you by their side.


You helped me figure where I actually wanted to take my business, map it out, and gave me real direction. Having someone who could relate, with a great business-head, helped me trust in you. And even though I procrastinated, you encouraged me to do the work. Now bookings have increased, I’m able to articulate exactly what I do. You gave me confidence in myself as a business owner when it felt like a hobby before.


I'm ready to jump into the next months, projects and plans now. This was such a great help - and in such a short time!


Ways I can help elevate YOUR business include…

Sales forecasting, budgeting, and preparing a financial roadmap for sustainable growth and profitability.
Buying & product selection.
Identifying your target market, creating unique products & services that set you apart from the competition, and implementing communication strategies to drive traffic and increase sales.
Designing & delivering exceptional customer experiences, in-store events and promotions to improve customer engagement and build loyalty.
Defining a seamless brand experience online and in-store; optimising storefront presentation, creative window displays and in-store merchandising to drive footfall.
Not sure where exactly you need help in your business? Got an extensive list and can’t figure where to begin? Book a complimentary Breakthrough Session and let’s talk through what’s going on for you.

Ready to make real progress (and profit!) bringing your business goals & dreams to life? 

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Guaranteed to pop-your procrastination bubble and get your ‘I’m doing this!’-ness fizzing, here’s how we can work together…



Untangle your entrepreneurial-thoughts, workshop ideas, and work out the best next steps to get your business progress back on track in (just over) 60 minutes.



  • a 90 minute fast-action mentoring session via video call

Ready to jump in? Book direct. Simply scroll down.



Zero in on your number one goal and bring tangible results to life in 30 days.



  • 60 minute discovery session.
  • analysis & strategy preparation of your framework for success based on one core focus area.
  • 90 minute strategy session – a walk through of your framework for success.
  • a detailed action plan delivered to your inbox includes tailored recommendations to get your quick-win under-way immediately.
  • 60 minute accountability call – a virtual Q&A session to keep your motivation high and transformation on track.
  • Light email/voice support to address any mindset obstacles that arise and celebrate your wins.

Ready to bring results to life? Begin with a complimentary Breakthrough Session. Scroll down to book.

The Mother of Reinvention


You know something in your business needs to change but can’t quite put your finger on what? I’ve got you covered.

In this bespoke business strategy consulting package I’ll take a deep dive into who you are, what you do, and where you aspire to be; help you prioritise goals to make real progress with tangible results in 90 days; and provide a step-by-step plan, expert advice and next-level cheerleading to get you there.

We’ll begin by clarifying business vision and goals; understanding the numbers; and identifying your target market, before crafting a unique strategy to elevate your business to the next level.

Whether that’s creating memorable brand experiences that set you apart from the competition; a cohesive communication strategy to drive traffic and increase sales; or developing a deeper customer connection to up-level loyalty and expand into new markets.

You’ll receive a highly-tailored strategic plan, continuous support from concept to completion, plus I’ll provide invaluable insight, advice, and guidance from years of first-hand experience to help you avoid common pitfalls.



  • a 4-hour discovery session.
  • analysis & strategy preparation of your framework for success based on key objectives.
  • a 3-hour strategy session – a walk through of your framework for success.
  • a detailed action plan delivered to your inbox includes tailored recommendations to start moving your business to the next level starting now.
  • x12 weekly 90-minute action & accountability call plus email/voice support to keep your motivation high and transformation on track.

Ready for a solid plan and some next-level cheerleading to take your business to the next level? Begin with a complimentary Breakthrough Session. Scroll down to book.

You’ve got goals, I’ve got the road-map to make it happen.

By definition there can only be one priority, but as a busy entrepreneur with all the ideas and obligations, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out where to put your attention first.

From years of first hand experience with lifestyle start-ups, globally recognised luxury retailers, and more than a decade spearheading my own brick & mortar business I’ve honed a highly efficient approach for cutting through the noise; defining the end goal; and making easy, elegant strides to success.

I’ve used my skills to transform my original brick & mortar business to exclusive by-appointment access, improve customer engagement, and sell-out events. And applied the same methodology I’ll share with you to support solo-preners launching new services to full wait-lists and make profit from day one.

Stop wasting time trying to work it out on your own.

It’s time to get your customised framework for success.

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I can attest to Sarah being an absolute ninja when it comes to pivoting, agility and re-focusing in the face of dynamic customer, client and market conditions. If anyone can support your small business through this trying time it’s Sarah Connelly.


Sarah always displays terrific business acumen; bringing talents to the service of the brands she’s worked with and helping grow their profiles. She creates new opportunities in a competitive marketplace and makes a highly desirable business mentor or partner. I admire her determination and unique slant on the business.


Frequently asked questions...

What kind of businesses do you help?

I specialise in helping small format brick & mortar retail businesses in the fashion & lifestyle space, and can apply my approach to bringing any concept to life.

What kind of things can you help me with?

Areas of business I can help you with include all of these and so much more. Whatever your goals and dreams, whether it’s hosting a pop-up in a far-flung location or figuring out operational logistics to create more ease, I’ll hatch a plan to help you get there. So even if you’re not sure where exactly you need help, or you have an extensive list and can’t figure where to begin, book a complimentary Breakthrough Session where we can talk through what’s going on, get a feel for where you want to get to, and set up next steps if we decide we do want to work together.

Can you help if I haven’t started my business yet?

Absolutely! There is no greater goal than bringing your dream business to life and creating a career on your own terms. From ideation to implementation; I’ve got you covered.

What is a Breakthrough Session?

We both want to be sure my service will fulfil your expectations. This quick complimentary session will let us talk through who you (and I) are, what you do, and where you aspire to be; give us crystal-clear confirmation that by working together we’ll be an unstoppable force for taking your business to the next level; and help you choose the bespoke business consulting experience that best suits your needs.

Do I need to book a Breakthrough Session if I know I’m ready to jump right in for a Power-Hour?

Breakthrough Sessions are designed to feel out if we’re a good fit to work together. So if you’re confident a Power-Hour is right for you, or if we’ve worked together before and all you need is a little ad-hoc time to help get business back on track – go ahead and jump right in. No Breakthrough Session necessary.

Can I do more than one Power-Hour?

Absolutely. This service is designed to give you easy, ad-hoc access to my expertise as and when you need it. These quick sessions are ideal for workshopping ideas, quickly clarifying next steps, and getting business progress back on track. You don’t need to go through a Breakthrough Session, just jump right in and book your spot direct.

Are sessions virtual or in-person?

Breakthrough Sessions and Power-Hours are virtual. Then, while personally I love in-person, depending on our locations discovery and strategy sessions can be held in whichever format works best for you.  Action & accountability calls will be via video.

More FAQ's coming soon

With direct input & feedback from founding-clients, more common FAQ will be addressed here soon.

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