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Book a lingerie-closet spring-clean

Feeling sluggish, pasty and full-on-frumpy after a cold, wet winter…It’s no wonder there’s something totally comforting (and dare I say ’cosy’) slipping on a well-worn-in and trusted t-shirt bra.

But with a cluttered drawer of uncomfortable, uninspiring underwear (all over-washed, worn out, and looking a bit bleurgh)wouldn’t wearing something more pretty than a T-shirt bra, but that still properly supported you, feel so much better?

Wouldn’t it be great to get dressed effortlessly every day – from the knickers up – and guarantee you’ll feel your best and preserve a super smooth silhouette?

You totally can!!

Spring clean your lingerie closet. Start every day feeling fantastic!

Book a lingerie-closet spring-clean

Finding time to do anything that made me feel good had fallen by the wayside.

It wasn’t until I could barely bring myself to look in the mirror that I realised something had to change. So I battened down the hatches and hid away for a few months to figure a way of being me once more.

Granted, retiring Odyssey and re-building an entirely new and exciting lingerie shopping experience isn’t the easiest route to detoxing doubts and renewing self-confidence but it really did begin with putting on a pretty bra.

Feeling good physically was a small step to getting my emotional s___ together too. 

And as I slowly offloaded all the stuff that no longer served me I knew celebrating the transformation from Odyssey to Sarah C and letting you in on a spring-clean-for-the-soul-slash-personal-reinvention-slash-just-do-something-special-for-you-because-you-absolutely-deserve-it session was essential.

Because don’t we all want to look and feel our best?!

Book a special edition fitting appointment and let’s spring-clean your lingerie closet, and find you lingerie that fits, flatters and makes you feel f___ing fantastic!

Book a lingerie-closet spring-clean
Sarah Connelly looking at lingerie on rose gold hanging rail

What is a lingerie-closet spring-clean?

I know having a drawer full of faded, beige bras you’re not sure even fit – and finding the time to work that out – is a faff.

I understand the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious in underwear that sabotages your comfort or confidence too.

So I’ve teamed up with Katherine Hamilton to host 25 special edition lingerie-closet spring-clean fitting appointments from 16th to 21st March.

At a one-to-one appointment I’ll help you work out which of your old undies aren’t worth keeping and show you what to do with them.

Then, after detoxing your underwear drawer and clearing out anything that no longer looks or feels good I’ll guide you through all the oh-so-easy-to-wear Katherine Hamilton classics in black, ivory & apricot.

AND inspire you with limited edition lingerie in shades you’ve never seen before including a blue so deep you could dive into it and a Rose Gold that’ll bring a sparkle to your eyes every time you slip in to it.

You’re guaranteed to go home with a gorgeous new set (or three) that super-charges body confidence and gives you an extra ounce of sass as you get dressed every day.

Plus, you’ll learn tips to keep lingerie looking good longer too.

All this in one relaxing hour while you sip Champagne. Spring-cleaning couldn’t be any easier.

So book a special edition fitting appointment, spring-clean your lingerie closet, and start every day feeling fantastic!

Book a lingerie-closet spring-clean

Katherine Hamilton is a talented British lingerie designer specialising in elegant lingerie in a full range of sizes that compliment my fitting expertise – 30-36 and up to an F cup.

With a trademark shape that accentuates a forward lift and fully rounded silhouette, every design is beautiful, wearable, sexy and supportive and promises to make you feel special.

You’ll love the delicate, colourful straps and fine gold finishings, will fall for ‘Eden’s colourful explosion of bright floral embroidery and won’t want to take off the classic black ‘Abrielle’ with it’s there-but-not-there secret support for bigger boobs.

And, only ordinarily available online, offering you exlusive in-real-life access to Katherine’s achingly beautiful collections for 1 week only is beyond exciting because I know how much looking & feeling your best means to you.

Who is Katherine Hamilton?

What customers say:

“After what felt like a million years of being pregnant and breastfeeding, to say my lingerie had been neglected would be a massive understatement. Sarah instantly made me feel at ease and trying each beautiful item I felt so much more glam. The choice of lingerie was amazing.

Sarah really knows her stuff and I could’ve bought the whole lot but she helped me settle on my favorites. They make me feel that bit more elegant every morning when I get dressed, and I will 100% be back again. What a wonderful experience.”

Mrs C

“I went in knowing the size I’ve been wearing for years wasn’t right. With all her experience Sarah doesn’t even use a measuring tape and after trying just two different sizes (neither even close to what I’d been wearing!) we narrowed in on one that was most comfortable.

With a good range of different styles, it was easy to find ones I liked and needless to say my old bras went straight in the recycling bag!

The experience was lovely; I felt so well looked after and appreciated the privacy."

Mrs S

“I was put at ease as soon as I arrived and felt [Sarah] understood what I was thinking and instinctively knew what I needed.

I couldn’t believe I was a 32F after years of being a 34DD but instantly felt far more comfortable in the MANY beautiful items I was encouraged to try on. My biggest problem was deciding what to choose! I can’t wait to come back and get more.”

Mrs M

How does it work?

1. Book a special edition lingerie-closet spring-clean appointment (bringing your lingerie drawer for tips on deciding which old undies to ditch is encouraged but optional!)

2. Let me guide you through the full Katherine Hamilton collection to find you lingerie that fits, flatters and makes you feel fantastic.

3. Skip home, slip into your slinky new lingerie and feel totally satisfied the spring-clean is done. New lingerie: new you.

Book An Appointment
Join the Bra Amnesty - Bra fitting at Odyssey

Katherine Hamilton Intimates are ordinarily only available online, at Harrods of London, or at one of my Customised Collection sessions which cost around £280.

But book your special edition appointment now for a fully redeemable £25.

And have me personally help you clear out old underwear that no longer looks or feels good.

There are only 25 special edition appointments available from 16th to 21st March.

So don’t get stuck with gap-py old bras that bump, bulge and bring you down…

Book your appointment. Spring-clean your lingerie closet. Start every day feeling fantastic.

I can’t wait to get started! – Sarah C

Book a lingerie-closet spring-clean
Sarah C Bra Fitting woman in blue bra

When & where are the lingerie-closet spring-clean fitting appointments, featuring Katherine Hamilton Intimates, happening?

From Monday 16th to Saturday 21st March at the Constitution Street studio.

Do I need an appointment or can I just drop in?

The lingerie-closet spring-clean fittings are by appointment only and there are just 25 special edition spots available.

How much will it cost?

Appointments are £25 per person and approx. 60mins. The full amount is redeemable against purchases made during your appointment.
Book An Appointment