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5 resources for business success, personal growth, and self-confidence.

By 20th March 2024No Comments

A classic type-A personality-slash-personal-development junkie with grand ambitions, when I took a little business hiatus at the end of 2021 hitting pause on absorbing all additional influences as far as personal growth went was a wise move too. Feeling like I’d finally hit ‘FULL’ on the life-long learning quota and making the decision to slow my scroll by radically editing and unfollowing almost everyone gave my overstimulated brain a chance to slip into cruise control, and opened an opportunity to truly integrate and apply the proven strategies and nuggets of wisdom aligned with my long term goals and dreams. In itself that was a huge step in learning to trust my intuition. It was not easy. Without a crystal ball it never will be, but limiting outside resources to a select few was a smart move, So to help you cut through the noise I’d love to share my top five resources for business success, personal growth, and self-confidence.


PHYSICAL – Lauren Roxburgh, The Body Whisperer

Making time to move everyday – beyond the linear commute/sprint to work, and committing time to jump-start inspiration, shake out stress, or blast away any blues is an absolute must; and Lauren Roxburgh’s Alligned Life Studio is simply awesome. With nothing but a foam roller Lauren’s simple exercises stretch out and align your body, encourage you to breathe better (which by default will clear and strengthen your mind) plus her tried & tested techniques will sculpt a beach body in all but seven minutes a day!


EMOTIONAL – Gala Darling, High Vibe Honey 

A high-glamour personal cheer-leader in hot pink, Gala Darling is a prophet of infectiously high energy. She’s testament to the fact that fear, anxiety and overwhelm are all in our heads and her ‘tapping’ sessions are hands down the most effective daily exercise for overhauling energy, and kicking your attitude in to high gear. This queen takes no prisoners and I love her for it!

pile of pink books. Resources for business success, personal growth, and self-confidence.

SPIRITUAL – Astrology & Affirmations

The Astrotwins remain go-to gurus for how to harness star-power and their ‘plan it by the planets’ methodology has proven an effective take on harnessing ‘super-natural’ energy to enhance efforts across the board. Combining astrology and energy work is an effective spiritual practice, but I’ll confess to getting strung out on whether my thoughts and energy are REALLY aligned with my aspirations. So discovering Chris Corsini’s blog, and reading his confession of finding the Law of Attraction difficult to utilise, feeling the pressure to police thoughts 24/7, and the shame spiral of not being high-vibe-enough was very relatable and wildly liberating. The tools in the blog, alongside his accurate monthly tarot spreads for every sign, every month, are a favourite and reaffirming resource delivered with an empowering dose of enthusiasm.


RELATIONSHIPS – Jordanna Levin, Higher Love

From the cover, this is a book about dating and romantic relationships, but at it’s true essence it’s about figuring out who you are, what lights you up, and how you want to feel in love – with a special someone, sure, but most importantly with yourself. Alongside her first book, Make it Happen, these two books were the double dose of levelling up self-acceptance that helped untangle all the thoughts I’d been dragging around from past relationships and entrepreneurial adventures, and have been on hard-repeat on my Audible playlist for two solid years. (I love them that much!)


FINANCIAL – Mike Michaelowicz, Profit First

Discovering Mike Michalowicz’s ‘Profit First’ methodology eight years into running a business was a major turning point. Wildly simple, the easy to implement steps at the turn of each page help establish a realistic financial roadmap for any business to become permanently profitable overnight. The methodology is one I continue to use personally and professionally, and share with clients again and again.


WORK/CAREER – Marie Forleo, Marie TV

A major fan of Marie Forleo and a B-School student with first hand experience of applying her actionable ideas to create a business and life I love, Marie TV is full of wit and wisdom covering everything from productivity hacks and inspiring interviews with thought leaders, to building mental & emotional strength, and the positive effects of micro-dosing. Tuning in regularly never fails to deliver a reassuring gold nugget of wisdom to get me moving in the right direction.


Selectively curating the resources that truly resonate with our goals and aspirations helps us focus on what truly matters. Whether you’re embarking on a business venture, seeking to deepen your relationships, or simply striving for personal fulfilment (or all three!), with the right mindset, tools and support you can bring even your boldest dreams to life.


I hope these recommended resources for business success, personal growth, and self-confidence offer some inspiration. And don’t forget, it’s the daily commitment to growth, not just the giant leaps, that lead to real transformation.


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Your personal Reinventress.

– Sarah C


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