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My A to V of Lingerie Shopping: Part 1

By 30th August 2017October 30th, 2017No Comments

In London last week, between trade shows and training, I enjoyed a rare day off. With the endless entertainment opportunities of London laid out before me, and after indulging my senses at Perfume, Somerset House’s current exhibition, I indulged even more….by Lingerie shopping.

But all lingerie shopping experiences are not created equally.

In my undercover guise as girl-about-town I first visited a high profile SoHo store. We’ll call this store A.

Asking the assistant if they carried my size (30D) she offered me a rack of 32B’s!

Had I been misheard? I clarified, but Miss A was adamant and shuffled me to the fitting room where a guessing game of bra fitting ensued – starting with the smallest and working through every size until something ‘looked right’.

Kudos to Miss A she knew the hideously fitting 32B didn’t look right – my god it didn’t look right!! But ‘real’ bra fitting wasn’t on the agenda.

Finally Miss A was satisfied 34B was lingerie perfection on my size 8 frame.

34’s, for those that have been fitted by me, know they’re suited to size 12 bods. For those that haven’t and are wearing a 34B on anything less than a size 12 frame – my god I felt your pain!

Store A has been iconised for decades by lingerie-lovers, and I so wanted to treat myself, but the guessing game of bra-fitting was less than seductive.

So before I cracked and unleashed my ‘Mary Portas of Lingerie’ alter-ego on Miss A, I dressed & dashed.


More of My A-V of Lingerie Shopping coming soon.


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