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By 15th April 2021 GIFTS & NEWS
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Founder of Satisfashion and Scottish stylist, Laura Russel, works with women to detox their wardrobes and create a personalised style that epitomises every client’s individual character and empowers them in every walk of their busy lives. But spotting so many women were avoiding having a proper bra fitting because they’re busy, embarrassed, or don’t know where to begin, Laura asked me to share my top bra fitting tips on her popular IGTV Instagram Live series.


A brilliant conversation that covered everything from how my own bad bra fitting experience and a twist of fate landed me a job in a lingerie shop, to how I developed my own signature lingerie fitting & styling services.


Plus, I share expert fitting advice including…


…the difference between being measured for a bra and having a bra fitting,


…how to work out if your bra fits properly and what to do if it doesn’t,


…my top tips for finding the perfect invisible t-shirt bra,


…and my favourite brands for women with bigger boobs who want beautiful lingerie that feels sexy and supportive.


Click below to watch the full bra-fitting Q&A on the ‘Let’s go lingerie shopping’ episode of Satisfashion’s IGTV series



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Sarah C


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