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6 Signs you should Replace Your Bra

By 16th April 2019April 23rd, 2019No Comments

6 signs you should replace your bra


We’ve all been guilty of wearing our favourite bras when they’re way past their best. But when you’ve broken in a favourite bra and it’s just so damn comfortable – how do you know when it’s fit for the bin?

Bras, sadly, aren’t built to last forever so here are 6 signs you should replace your bra…


1. Your bra doesn’t fit

Breast size and shape changes throughout our life and what fit you perfectly five, or ten, or fifteen years ago probably won’t fit you now.


2. Your bra is uncomfortable

A properly fitting bra should be a pleasure to wear so if your bra is rubbing, poking , causing pain or is just plain uncomfortable – don’t just put up with it. Get properly fitted for a replacement.


3. Your bra looks battered

If your bra is baggy, battered or bent out of shape…it’s time to say goodbye.


4. Your bra isn’t supportive

Your bras number one job is to shape and support you comfortably from the second you put it on to the moment you take it off. If it leaves you feeling more droopy than drop-dead-gorgeous it’s time to get a new one.


5. Your bra is older than you can remember

Bras, sadly, aren’t built to last forever. Lingerie designers recommend a frequently worn bra should last for only around 9 months.


6. You know you’re never going to wear it again

Whether it’s a colour you no longer care for, a style you’ve long since left behind, or a maternity bra languishing in your lingerie drawer even though your kids have graduated high school… Pass it on.


Parting with a precious bra or lingerie set you’ve really loved hurts – but wearing a badly fitting bra hurts more.

Plus your pre-loved lingerie can be donated for recycling at the annual Odyssey ‘Bra Amnesty’!

The Bra Amnesty is a chance to dig out your old bras, trade them in for charity and finally get the fitting you’ve been promising yourself for ever.

So no matter what brand or where you bought ‘em, if they’re see-through, sexy, battered, beige or well-worn with an underwire missing… gather up all your old bras and get on the list here to be the first to know when the Bra Amnesty opens again.


Always a pleasure.
Sarah C

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