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Why Closing 2 Days a Month is Better for Business

By 19th September 2017February 9th, 2018No Comments

I made a bold business decision recently to close the boutique 2 days a month.

I know it’s really out of whack with the traditional retail model of ‘open all hours’; but buoyed by a few of my favourite inspirational entrepreneurs, and my wish to live a life I love, I’m committing to ceasing service 2 days a month. On a trial basis at least.

Gifted a Daily Greatness Planner for Christmas I hid away for a few days to map out where I wanted to be by the year end. I wasn’t conservative. My goals and aspirations were lofty. But why not? I created Odyssey to give me the lifestyle I desire, I thought. So I will make it such. Feeling less tired, more energetic & clear headed was high on my list.

I’d heard the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ almost to the point it was suffocating.

Instagramers proffering #LifeHacks, endless Facebook posts and webinars declaring myriad ways to hustle less and have more, and do it all working just four hours a work week. Pah!

With my spreadsheets, batched tasks, brain-storming sessions and to-do lists I literally could not work any smarter.

So why was I feeling burnt out time and time again?

Serendipitously, as I felt the tingle of burnout once more, I was invited to join Kate Northrup’s Origin Collective.

Already at one with my Daily Greatness Planner I wasn’t convinced I also needed Origin’s Daily Energy Tracker but recognised if I wanted to really find a way to work smarter, and build sustainable success for myself and my business, diligently filling out a daily energy diary would be worth it.

Three months in, laying my Trackers out on the floor, I saw in stark black & white the highs and lows of my energy and motivation. Every productive peak and tired trough repeating like clockwork.

This was a revelation. This was my route to working smarter.

Thanks to Origin I can now pinpoint the days I’m most likely to be creative and ready to conquer the world, understand when to get under the bonnet of my business for a little fine tuning, and most importantly, when to build in rest and take time out. Not just for my well-being, but for the good of my business.

Odyssey is founded on pleasure; so it’s time I practice what I preach and start being good to me.

Working 6 days a week for the past seven years; making the bold decision to close the boutique a couple of days a month hasn’t come easy. But weighing up the pros & cons I’m certain the move won’t kill my business. Working like I have until now might.

I’ll of course publicise in advance, on the Odyssey Facebook page and website, when I won’t be around and whether the boutique will be fully closed or hosted on my behalf.

Either way, while I retreat, my signature lingerie fitting & styling service will not be available.

If you’re planning a dalliance with the finest delicates in the city feel free to call ahead to check availability. Or better yet make a Lingerie Fitting or Styling Appointment; that way you’re guaranteed to be fitted by me and at a time that suits you.
You’ll even enjoy a glass or two of Champagne and the added benefit of Custom Ordering. Could there be a better way to shop?


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