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Why Gift Vouchers are THE best present

By 24th November 2017No Comments

The thought of handing over a gift voucher can feel, and in some respects look, like a cop out. The tiny non-descript envelope screaming ‘I left it too late!’, or worse – it suggests no time was taken to think about the recipient and work out what they’d really love. Gift vouchers are mistaken as the high-end equivalent to a bunch of forecourt flowers; but here’s why a well chosen Gift Voucher is the best present.

The key is to gift a voucher for the lucky recipient to indulge their every whim in a place they truly love. A place they can’t walk past without oohing &  aahing at the window display; a place they aspire to own even just a carrier bag from; or a place they could happily while away hours absorbing every element of the experience.

Maybe you know your other half is coveting something really special from said store but details or dollar bills are not forthcoming; if you so want to grant that wish do it with a Gift Voucher.

Contributing to a long lusted-after item is just as good as giving the item itself AND she gets to indulge in the pleasure of the purchase too.  

The true art of giving a good Gift Voucher though is in the delivery itself. The envelope or gift card it comes with is undoubtedly well designed and attractive – but up-ing the ante and presenting your version with panache is what will make this a gift to remember.

For example, she’s a keen yogi and you notice her kit’s worn out after hours of asanas. Grab a gift voucher for her go-to store and have them roll it up inside a new yoga mat for her. Maybe even team it with a voucher for her favourite practice studio too. An all ‘round experience, so thoughtfully planned out, she’ll be one very happy yoga bunny.

Or maybe she’s hinted she might like  – or you’d like to give her – some lingerie, but you’re pretty certain what you would choose versus what she would pick are polar opposite*. So set the scene: wrap a gift voucher with a beautiful candle and a bottle of champagne. Granted this combination might slightly suggest her selection be more playful than practical, but you’re thoughtfully giving her the opportunity to choose exactly what she’d like. And who knows… maybe you’ll even be invited along to help her choose.

Gift vouchers truly are the best present ever. Give it some thought, gather together the elements that create a whole experience, and present a perfect package she’ll adore you for forever.

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