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Why Gifting Red Lingerie this Christmas will get you in the Good Books

By 17th November 2017No Comments

For the gift-shopping Gent choosing lingerie can be a daunting prospect. Not only are there a bazillion size variations to contend with – and get right – but Winter 2017 has been cultivating a man-sized curve-ball and she’s about to throw it your way. Red Lingerie. Yes, Gents’, this Christmas red lingerie is everywhere. So to help you avoid being turfed out and turkey-less on Christmas Day, here’s why choosing the right red lingerie this Christmas will get you in the good books.

As always before writing I do a little research; I check out other resources – shops, articles, etc. or I jump online and Google the subject I’ll be writing about. Between slinking around the lingerie departments of high street stores, and the 4.6 million Google search results I found when typing in “red lingerie for Christmas” I could have cried.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all got different tastes, right? But Gent’s, if ‘Sexy Santa Outfit’ or ‘Erotic Elf’ is your bag, or if your other half is more than happy to wear a faux-diamante-bedazzled red lace bra and a brief with “I’ve been a good girl, Santa Baby” emblazoned across the bum – stop reading right here, because this train’s headed in an entirely different direction.

Somewhere along the line red has become synonymous with ‘racy’; one woman’s ‘trashy’ can be another ones treasure. But now when a woman receives an elegant gift box and peels back the layers of ribbon and tissue to reveal red her pulse will race while she wraps her head around what the hell you’ve bought her. And you silently pray she’s lost for words in an overjoyed way. Stress is not seductive.

Thankfully, trends for colours ebb and flow and with scarlet being this winter’s colour of choice your other-half will likely be one stylish step ahead of you in coveting something crimson this Christmas.

As a warm opulent tone, red is a very natural progression from the blush pinks and rose tones that filled stores through Spring and Summer. I could see red would rise as the colour of choice once more and I’m crazy cautious and buying anything in red for the boutique. But when the designers first showed me their take on the seasons trend colour, I couldn’t say no.

Simone Perele have dipped silk in shades of red wine and their most popular lace returns in a poppy shade so perfect the wait list is already suggesting this collection will barely grace the boutique before it sells out. If the girl’s already love it, and love it so deeply only from a tiny swatch showed to them 6 months ago as a very sneak preview – guys you’re in with a very good chance of getting in the good books.

If racy-red is more your/her style I can’t recommend Loveday London’s take on ravishing ruby more highly. Definitely a collection for lingerie aficionados (Loveday’s strap line is ‘Hardcore Romance’) the exquisitely embroidered and leather trimmed, scalloped edged bra is a show-stopper that would bring Santa to a screeching halt. It is more daring, but totally to die for.

So there you go, guys. Red is where it’s at this Winter. Just be sure, if you are gifting her lingerie this Christmas, don’t have her open it in front of the whole family. Red lingerie and red faces clash terribly and it’s never too late to be turfed out at Christmas.


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