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Self-isolation support: How to feel good and stay strong

By 31st March 2020No Comments

Self-isolation support: How to feel good and stay strong


A little over a week ago, as the scale of this surreal situation* unfolded, it kinda felt like the Christmas holidays…but on crack.


Everyone packed up and went home; setting up make-shift desks at the dining table and stock-piling canned goods.


Then when the government gave everyone the thumbs up to stay at home – where I live felt like a flipping fiesta!! Everyone was out walking, and running, and chewing the fat in close proximity.


But as the days have drawn by people have stayed home (finally!), the streets have gotten quieter, and it feels like now we’re finding a rhythm and new routines to keep us all safe & sound.


As someone who works alone, I’ve learned how vital connection is – not just at the times life hits the fan – but to feel good and stay strong every day by establishing practices that build community, and cultivate self-care and the ability to find quiet in the mish-mash of everyday mayhem.


I get that sounds kinda woo woo.


But when everything feels arse-up; when everything’s on top of you (working from home, occupying kids, wondering ‘do dogs get this??’ and all the truly difficult middle of the night thoughts) – finding time and creating space in an over-crowded mind to gain perspective and help find your thread again is essential.


Offering suggestions for self-care might seem way off track coming from someone typically offers support in the form of a properly fitting bra and who’s used to super-charging body confidence via the powers of sexy lingerie; but recently navigating an extremely stressful period personally the resources I found that helped me most all played on the principal of keeping our mind and body connected.


And if a lingerie-guru can’t attest to the powers of making feeling good a priority, then who can?!

Make feeling good a priority - Gala Darling quote

Here are four of my favourite resources for feeling good and staying strong:


Lauren Roxburgh

Access to gyms restricted and limited to working out in our homes, Lauren Roxburgh’s Alligned Life Studio is simply awesome. With nothing but a foam roller Lauren’s simple exercises stretch out and align your body, encourage you to breathe better (which by default will clear and strengthen your mind) plus her tried & tested techniques will sculpt a beach body in all but seven minutes a day!


Gala Darling

Like a personal cheer-leader in head-to-toe pink, Gala Darling is a prophet of infectiously high energy. She’s testament to the fact that fear, anxiety and overwhelm are all in our heads and her weekly ‘tapping’ sessions (I love the ones with the tarot cards!) are the most unusual but highly effective exercises for over-hauling energy.


The AstroTwins

Religiously reading horoscopes over breakfast is how every day begins. But delve into the AstroTwins Instagram lives and 2020 Guide for galactic guidance with jaw-dropping accuracy on what’s happening in the world right now and how to use your own star-power to support yourself through it.


Kate Northrup

As everything in life simultaneously feels as if it’s slowing down but more overwhelming than ever as we try do it all from home, Kate Northrup’s book Do Less offers a series of lessons on streamlining how we live by making more time for the things that matter. Hinged on the philosophy of ‘body first, business second’ the book is a revolutionary approach to time and energy management for ambitious women – and through April 2020 she’s hosting a book club to bring the lessons to life.



I hope these suggestions offer some calm, inspiration and a couple of new go-to gurus to help support you through any of life’s challenges.


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And if you’ve enjoyed them please tell me in the comments below and feel free to add your own tips too.


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*The ‘situation’ at the time of publishing is the global Coronovirus pandemic, but all of the tools and resources listed remain personal go-to’s anytime life throws a curveball and re-establishing headspace and emotional balance is essential.  

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