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3 Things not to do when shopping for a lingerie gift

By 17th November 2017No Comments

Lingerie shopping can be daunting. It’s an intimate purchase, and so totally loaded with possible outcomes [and implications] thanks to the billion sizes and styles that pivot from delicate & demure to pulse-racing-ly provocative. To help you get the gift right first time, and to put you at ease ahead of entering a lingerie store, here are 3 things not to do when shopping for a lingerie gift.

1 – Don’t guess sizes.

It might sound obvious, but doing a bit of homework before hitting the shops will serve you well.

Have a snoop through her current collection; check the labels and jot down the sizes of what she actually wears. Pay special attention to any particular favourites as these are probably the sizes she’s most comfortable in.

If snooping isn’t an option but you’re confident in knowing her general dress size there’s still something to work with there. An accurately sized bra and knicker set might be off the table, but less structured pieces are an ally here; boudoir bra’s, bodies, babydolls and chemises could be a clever choice when a cup-size isn’t available.

Looking at the assistant and saying “she’s about your size” is a definite no-no. Just don’t do it. Ever.


2 – Don’t fret about getting it wrong.

You could spend forever deliberating if the red is too red, the lace is too lacey, or whether you’ve actually written her sizes down correctly.

My answer…Relax.

Sure, there’s a teeny-weeny chance the size or style won’t be quite right. ‘Hurrah!’ I say (if you chose from Odyssey that is). Because then your other half will have to pop back to exchange her gift giving me the opportunity to fit her properly, work out what she really likes and keep you on the straight & narrow in the future.

AND if she does need to exchange her gift you’re heartily encouraged to come with her. If she’d like, you can even join her in the fitting room.


3 – Don’t be shy.

Definitely easier said than done, of course.

Whether you choose to shop in a large store with acres of anonymous space for you to roam, or a small independent who knows knickers, literally, inside out; it’s important to remember you are welcome.

The boutique business owners, department store assistants, elves or otherwise know their s**t and are itching to show off their knowledge and hook you up with a gift, and an experience, that leaves you giddy.

If you prefer to fly solo, are confident in choosing sizes and styles and prefer not to come into contact with another human while making a decision over delicates – department stores, or of course the internet, were made for you.

But to really get the gift right, I can’t recommend getting some expert advice more highly.

A savvy assistant will ask a few quick questions to get to grips with what you have in mind, while cleverly reading between the lines to work out what the lucky recipient will really love.

Then, hand-picking a selection to perfectly match your description, a choice that hits the mark of pretty, playful and/or provocative will be laid out before your very eyes.

With this option the overwhelm of wandering amid banks of bras, briefs and bodies in myriad sizes is minimised; instead you’re given a personal tour of the most exciting and elegant lingerie and are guaranteed to make it out the other side laden with a gorgeous gift and a spring in your step.

No feeling uncomfortable or awkward. Just a fun, fast & fascinating delve into the world of lingerie.

For more expert advice download the Gents’ Guide to Buying Lingerie here. More expert tips will be discretely delivered to your inbox giving you all the knowledge you need to get the gift right first time.

Or head over to the Odyssey Facebook page for inspiration by the sleigh load.

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