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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Experiment with Lingerie

By 24th October 2017October 30th, 2017No Comments

Watching the Winter collections arrive this week, I noticed that barely there bras, decorative details and daring shapes are greater than ever before, and wondered whether the Winter climate is kindly conspiring: encouraging us to experiment with lingerie?

Cooler climates mean more layers; and with layers less likely to expose any visible signs of lingerie, we’re provided a perfect security blanket to experiment beneath.

If blessed with a D+ cup, you might not be thrilled to read bra-lette’s remain rife this season. The barely there, bikini-like bras without underwire or padding that were everywhere last Summer are here to stay.

But before rolling your eyes and checking out of our Wintery experiment, read on because knowing ‘non-wired’ mostly means ‘non-supportive’, designers have now fixated on fully underwired, non-padded finishes that are fun, flirty and – most importantly – wearable for all.

Barely-there bras are on the rise.

Non-padded bras are hardly a new invention, but until now they’ve been less popular with women worried about ‘nip-slip’ and a less than smooth silhouette.

A trend report by a high-street store revealed “non-padded bras saw a 20% uplift in sales compared to last year, as sales of push-up bras plunged 44%” so far this year. (I’m fairly certain all puns were intended there.)

Stressing your particularly climate sensitive nipples will give the game away?

Pop on a pair of silicone nipple covers (ideal for when ‘learning’ to wear a non-padded bra, and celebrities do it ALL the time )and let’s get experimenting.

There’s undoubtedly something sexy about an ultra sheer bra though if you suspect nipple-show-through will cause outcry at the office, it might not feel appropriate to wear as your go-to basic. Instead choose one with a touch of detail across the cup to add confidence.

Some designers place perfectly flat seams, or cleverly cut lace appliqué directly over the nipple to conceal in comfort. While Fleur of England has perfected an ultra sheer mesh fabric that entirely blurs any difference in skin-tone, acting as a personal photo-shopping service and delicately deleting details you’d rather remain unseen.

Many a Winter-17 collection has been enhanced with racer back details rising to the nape of the neck. Though made to be seen, cover with a shirt collar or blazer and these exquisite finishes stay between you and your lingerie loving alter-ego.

Criss-crossing straps and styles with high-apex (the section sweeping toward the shoulder) are the definitive developments of the bra-lettes seen earlier. Touching on a more ‘boudoir’ vibe, what appeared previously as flimsy finery, are now playful designs that feel exquisite to wear, are entirely supportive and totally secure.

So whether you choose to boldly show-off the details of your lingerie in a fully finished look, or prefer to sample new shapes in a more discreet fashion; layer up and proceed with pleasure as the Winter grants you a one season pass to throw caution to the cold wind and shake up your lingerie collection. No one will ever know.


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