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Two Fateful Lingerie Fittings that Changed my Career

By 7th November 2017No Comments

It’s easy now to look back and see how two fateful lingerie fittings changed the course of my career. The first a failed foray in to lingerie shopping, and the second on day one of a new job I’d taken to keep the roof over my head. Neither were steps in a grand plan or strategic short-cuts to success. But never the less everything happens for a reason, and were it not for these two fittings I most definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

In my mid-twenties I popped into an infamous high street store one lunch time for a lingerie fitting. I was certain, though I had/have tiny tits, my bras weren’t fitting right and I wanted a professional opinion. Knowing my bras were doing nothing more than dangling from my shoulders, I was excited to discover a better fit and to drop some of my hard-earned first-proper-job-cash on some lovely lingerie.

Mid way through undressing, the assistant – without fore-warning – burst into the fitting room. Barely glancing at me before about turning. “You’re not really any size; there’s no point in trying.” She declared rather loudly as she strode back to her station at the fitting room entrance.

Her addition of ‘Doll’ at the end of that sentence didn’t lessen the stinging critique she just hurled in my direction. And before the tears appeared I dressed and dashed from the store. I have never returned.

Needless to say, thinking I ‘wasn’t really any size’, I carried on wearing unspeakable poor fitting bras that were so unflattering I seriously considered a boob job. I was that unhappy with my silhouette and plagued by that experience I saw no point in reliving the torture in front of another human ever again.

Some years later I switched careers and made a fateful jump into the Lingerie industry. I guess the stars had always been pulling me in this direction, and of finally finding me a bra that fits.

On day one my new boss treated me to a proper bra fitting. I was terrified of this moment and felt as if I might be exposed as a boob-less fraud in an industry where breasts ,quite literally, are best.

Not only was the fitting an ACTUAL pleasure. No scathing looks, comments or judgements. But I was converted from a 34A to a 30D! Suddenly I felt comfortable – not just in my new bra, but in my body!

Boob job averted and a rather massive confidence boost indulged in. Now that’s a proper bra fitting!

At no time during these years, or even as I continued in my first role in this elegant industry, did I have a pipe-dream of one day owning my own lingerie boutique.

But one thing lead to another (as it often does when lingerie’s involved); and from the first seed of an idea to signing a lease and launching Odyssey into the world – there is no doubt now those two fateful lingerie fittings changed my career and life forever.


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