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Why Your Bra Straps Slip Off

By 29th March 2018No Comments

Why your bra straps slip off your shoulders – an insider’s look at lingerie fitting.

Have you been plagued by persistently slipping bra straps? Have you always thought it’s because you have slope-y shoulders? Here’s the real reason why your bra straps slip off your shoulders…

From fifty-paces, from across the world-wide-web, and without ever having laid eyes on you – if your  bra straps slip off your shoulders it is not because you have slope-y shoulders it IS because…

… you’re wearing a bra size (or two, or three) too big.

Imagine slipping on a pair of shoes – oh so pretty – but a size too big.

In the shop they looked and felt just fine, you’ve had your eye on them forever, and at half price in the sale they could hardly be refused.

You can get away with one size too big, right?

But on their virgin outing, that one size too big has them slipping off your heels. By their third outing one size too big feels like three and you’re walking like Bambi on ice.

There’s no hope of them staying in place, and with every stride you risk popping right out of your peep-toes and leaving a shoe behind, or loosing balance & dignity all together.

The exact same thing happens with bra-straps. Wearing a bra band that’s too big means the straps don’t sit still in their ideal position.

With the tension needed to hold them in place missing too, as you move –and your boobs moving more than you know – the entire bra shifts up, and down, and around until the straps wriggle right off your shoulders.

And just like slipping right out of a too big shoe…there’s a high risk you might pop right out of a too big bra too.

No matter how much you tighten straps to hoik things up or hold boobs down – the only solution for slipping straps; The only remedy for the wrong size bra… Is the right size bra.

But beware simply switching from, for example, a 36C to a 34C; Bra fitting just doesn’t work like that.

To take the pressure off your shoulders* the correct cup AND band size combination is the slip resistant solution you’ve been longing for.

(*Pssst: none of your bra support comes from the shoulder straps.)

If you’re ready to find a bra  straps will forever stay in place with: Book a Lingerie Fitting & Styling appointment and let’s find you a bra so sublimely comfortable you’ll never want to take it off.

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