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Why bras hurt and how to stop it

By 28th April 2018May 1st, 2018No Comments

Under-wire irritation is a common complaint but definitely is not a pre-requisite of bra-wearing. So before considering retiring your under-wire’s – sacrificing shape, support & security – here’s why your bra hurts and how to stop it.

In simple terms, if your bra is AT ALL painful or uncomfortable it’s because the fitting is out.

It sounds so simple – yet I’m sure you’ve tried a bunch of different styles and varied sizes and still can’t get to the bottom of why your bra is a pain in the ***’s. But stick with me…

The under-wire is the very foundation of a bra. It’s where the cup size is determined, where the structure stems from and is, in short, the essence of the bra as far as support goes.

With just a few millimetres between cup sizes  – choosing a one even a touch too big or small is all it takes for the poking & pinching to begin; the pain progressing as the friction of boob against bra endures the daily routine of reaching, running, walking, lifting, lunging and laughing.

Add into the mix pressing a pointy piece of metal against your body and of course it’s going to get painful. Which is why a properly fitting bra will ensure this menacing looking bit of kit doesn’t come into contact with your boobs at all.

Every single movement you make – your breasts make with you. The trick is to get a bra that moves simultaneously with you too. That doesn’t imply you should scale up, for example, from a 34B to a 34C. Bra fitting just doesn’t work like that.

The secret to finding a bra that’s such a pleasure to wear you’ll never want to take it off is all in the killer combination of cup-size, back-size and… tension.

Yes. Tension.

Ms D told me she sneaked to the bathroom every lunch time to slip her bra off it was so uncomfortable; Ms M confided she wedged a cotton wool ball beneath the underwire to stop it hurting her; And, Ms V – the acute pain her bras caused had her under doctors orders to avoid underwire. For three decades!

So when I suggested a tighter band size to them…well I was certain they were about to run, semi-naked from the store.

Do you feel their pain?

Thankfully each of these women put their trust in me to apply a little tension, and make a few other adjustments here and there for years of serious bra stress to be eliminated in just a few seconds.

Bras should not hurt. At all.

If your bra is more a pain than a pleasure to wear and you’re ready for a proper fitting click here to book a Lingerie Fitting & Styling appointment and let’s find you a bra so perfect you’ll never want to take it off.