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Bold steps and bra fittings: A journey of empowerment & rediscovery

By 9th February 2024February 11th, 2024No Comments

When I made the decision in late 2021 to take time out of business I had no idea if I’d ever return to it. I pressed pause on the familiar hustle and bustle of running my successful lingerie business to quiet my busy mind, put a stop to dreaming in social media captions (I kid not), and learn people’s names before knowing their bra size. I could never have imagined my grown-up gap-year would stretch into two, or that I’d end up on the other side of the world embarking on what I fondly refer to as my ‘Quantum Leap Tour’. It’s been a journey of self-discovery, reconnection, and intentionally designing a life that lights me up. On home-turf (for now) and feeling the call to step back into a new elevated vision of how I work with clients (empowering cool women with brilliant ambition to be, do, and have exactly what they want. In business, in life, and in lingerie), I’m bursting with excitement to share a bit about the journey and just what’s been happening on my little hiatus from in-person lingerie styling sessions.


For over a decade, I poured my heart and soul into my brick & mortar boutique, Odyssey, on Edinburgh’s William Street, continuously innovating and elevating my unique take on customer experience in the world of luxury lingerie. Exploring avenues from traditional boutique, to exclusive by-appointment access in luxurious settings, and iterations of by-invitation only members clubs. It was a sexy rocket-ship of creativity, adventure, and olympian-level agility. But the thought of being tethered to a fixed location for any much longer, and shouldering all of the onerous operations side of business single-handedly was taking a toll on the joy I once found in the heart of my work. So when the pandemic-pause offered space for reflection to consider “What next?”, and a series of timely life events collided. I chose to take a leap of faith.

Sarah Connelly at Odyssey Boutique

It took less than a month to pack up life and hop on a plane to Australia where my open-ended Quantum Leap Tour took shape as I immersed myself in a new living experience, set about fulfilling my long-held desire to live in a more sunny climate, and explore new ways of being that would confirm whether life beyond familiar city-limits would live up to the fantasies in my head.


Adventuring solo, I embraced snooping out street-art, learnt the art of feeling the fear and going for it anyway (whatever ‘it’ was in any given moment), and dove head-first into high-vibe opportunities that lit up my soul. From Sydney’s outer suburbs to Melbourne’s ‘I’m-home!’ vibes, I delved into every corner of the coolest neighbourhoods, danced the Latin Hustle with strangers on street corners, and traded dog-walking for accommodation in the most stunning homes. The journey was filled with surprises, from secret bars and hidden lane-ways, to a spontaneous hand-modelling session for a local influencer’s skincare line.

Sarah Connelly in Australia

But let me be clear, this was not a vacation. It was a journey that demanded new depths of self-belief, endless decision-making, and a commitment to keep moving towards the most exciting future I could fathom. The highs were wildly inspiring, but there were challenges too. Basking in the sun on the other side of the planet doesn’t negate the grind of daily life-admin. Particularly while toggling between living in the moment and contemplating where I’d be living next week.


Despite the challenges, my Quantum Leap Tour remains testament to the power of connections. Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new and inspiring individuals, and exploding my social circle were crucial for those moments my inner-cheerleader’s stamina faltered. Actively seeking out face-to-face engagement, whether with old colleagues or fellow dog-walkers, provided me with a sounding board, helping untangle thoughts and hold a mirror up to remind me everything I was doing on the daily was inspired and extraordinary (yet also entirely ordinary), and refocused my attention on assimilating real life with my biggest goals and dreams. 💫


Reflecting on the intention behind my purposeful time-out; it wasn’t about kicking back and enjoying a taste of having no major responsibilities, but intentionally stepping into a life I wasn’t sure could be real for me; aligning fantasy with reality; and having the bravery to discover what opportunities may or may not be on the other side of any self-imposed limits. And, boy, has this odyssey been testament to that! 


From exploring far-flung locations, reconnecting with my purpose, and consciously building community along the way. Every single action has aligned with my mission. 🚀


It’s been a reinvention. 


And one so much longer in the making than a sabbatical in the southern hemisphere. (Thanks Pluto in Capricorn!)


Treading an unconventional career path from Project Manager to boutique owner, to Personal Lingerie Stylist, to Business Strategy Consultant, to Personal Mentor, and all ‘round wing-woman; I’ve discovered that guiding cool people (just like you!) through unique experiences that expand YOUR vision beyond what you ever believed was possible and guiding YOU to success step-by-step is pure joy.


Whether that’s elevating your business, bringing a personal dream to life, or reinvigorating your lingerie experience to feel more elegant, exciting, and sexy.


I’m here to bring your greatest visions to life: in business, in life, and in lingerie.


I’m so excited for you to join me on this epic journey of self-discovery, exploration, and expansion. The Quantum Leap Tour continues! And I can’t wait to see what happens next. Are you ready to begin your reinvention?


To explore how we can work together on transforming your dreams into reality, head over to my new home page where you can discover more about my mission to empower cool women with brilliant ambition. Click here and let your reinvention begin!


– Sarah C


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